Monday, November 8, 2010

Day Retreat at Susan Seitz Studio

It continues to amaze me the incredible potential women have in creating their own reality. First time Painters! Exceptional spirits with positive energy & warm, smiling hearts. Today was a gift ... thank you so much ladies for believing in yourselves and allowing the magic to flow! Sunshine blessings, Susan :)

Our retreat would not be complete without the amazing taste bud experience of creative chef, Vicky Morrison from Grassroots Rural Retreats in Lucknow. Vicky is passionate about creating meals from her own garden. Organically & Locally grown and Raw food preparation is a high consideration when she creates a meal to LIVE for! :)

FUNDRAISER ~ Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

"LOVE" 40" x 40" acrylic painting was donated to the Pretty In Pink's 2nd Annual Fundraiser in Port Elgin on October 24th . This painting was proudly created in memory of my dear friend, Kathy McKague who made her transition this past month. With Love ... all things are possible ... keep the faith! SOLD to an awesome & very happy private collector!

Saturday, July 31, 2010


Many many smiles were seen by all at another fantastic week of ART CAMP at Susan Seitz Studio! We were honored to have Susan Glass join us for a lovely drumming & yoga experience during camp ... how fun is that? :)

The Universe Is Gentle and Kind

On the last day of July 2010 ... the Universe has embraced and shares with abundance. The Southampton Art Gallery called Friday to tell me I sold 4 large paintings in 2 days. With much gratitude, I brought over today 5 more to replace those that have sold. As I was walking into the gallery ... another large painting of mine was walking out! :) ... then, when I got home I received great news that one of my large paintings in Bayfield at JMR Gallery was sold today! That is a total of 6 PAINTINGS in the last 3 days! When moments of uncertainty creep in ... the Universe in her gentle way, embraces and reminds me of her glory. Sunshine Blessings, Susan SOLD!!! to an awesome private colloector! "From Within and Throughout" 30x40 acrylic

"Ribbons Of Life"

SOLD! To an awesome private collector! I'm excited to announce that this acrylic painting was sold from JMR Gallery in Bayfield today! I just LOVE this painting! :) I remember the brush work and bringing in the light throughout. It was such a joy to paint ... this will be the 6th painting I've sold in 3 days. How wonderful is that!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Susan Seitz Studio Open House

Enjoy the Sights (SEITZ) & Sounds (jazz player PAUL BRUCE DENARD)!
This Saturday - June 19th from 1pm - 4pm Fine Art & Music at its best! Located outside of Paisley, Ontario - Susan Seitz Studio 964 Bruce Rd 15 (corner of Bruce Rd 15 & Bruce Rd 20 -east of Glammis) 519 366 1166 Open house will continue from June 19th - June 26th 10am - 6pm each day. Hope to see you there!